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With over 30-years of software design and development experience, you are assured that you're getting the best technical advice available. We specialize in websites and support for small to medium businesses in the Brookings, Gold Beach and Crescent City areas. Since we live right here in Brookings, the support you receive is never more than a phone call away.


First Impressions


It is common knowledge that a potential customer, client or guest will decide to either leave or stay within the first 30 seconds of viewing your website. If you're still viewing this page, thank you for recognizing this site as one of the GOOD ones. That's important because your first impression is exactly what your visitors will experience when they view YOUR website.



This WebSite has been optimized for MSIE 7 & 8, Firefox 3.5, Chrome and Opera 10. It impliments a number of different JavaScripts and requires the latest Adobe Flash Player plugin.

If your browser is not one of the ones listed above or if you experience odd behavior, upgrade to the latest version of whichever browser you are using and download and install the latest version of the plugin listed above (from



We WILL Succeed


Your website is your connection to your friends, your family, your customers, clients or guests. In reality, it is your  connection to the world and is how  your business is viewed. How you represent your business on the Internet is just  as important as how you represent yourself. If you are as dedicated and determined as we are, then we will succeed. Why? Because your success is OUR success.

Simple or Complex


Regardless of your requirements, Brookings Web Design can handle them. If all you need is a simple website, no problem. If your requirements dictate a complex design requiring all the latest and greatest web technologies, we can provide a solution that will blow your socks off. Just let us know what you want and we'll deliver a design you'll be proud to call your own.

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